Sushi Rolls

Sushi Rolls

Kitchen: JAPANESE, Seafood
Average check: 700
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Sushi Rolls is about fish and seafood.

Fish and seafood are the main components of Japanese cuisine.

The "Sushi Rolls” company has been cooking and delivering excellent sushi and wok for more than 10 years! Our guests have appreciated the highest quality and perfect taste of our dishes, during this time. Our chefs cook with fresh and high-quality products. But the most important thing is that we guarantee the excellent taste of the dishes. Every our recipe went through a multi-stage tasting before getting to the menu. “Sushi Rolls” is about taste, quality and service! To vary our menu, we have added "Live Delicacies" - oysters and sea urchins.

We don’t shout that we are the best. We are doing the BEST to make every our guest say it himself!

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