Osteria Basilico

Osteria Basilico

Average check: 450
# Номер точки: A13

Osteria Basilico is the most Italian corner in Tula "Gastroport". Basil leaf is our personal gastronomic symbol.

The idea is implemented by the Grand Food. They have already launched more than 150 restaurant projects in 50 Russian cities. One of its projects is pizza delivery chain “Tashir Pizza”, since 1993, meat restaurants MERZEN and many other successful projects.

Only your favorite Italian dishes are on the Osteria’s menu: pasta Fresca, carbonara, pomodoro, traditional salads, focaccia with rosemary and parmesan, Neapolitan pizza and pizzetta - a Neapolitan pizza for one person. You’ll find basil in every our dish. That’s why it is the symbol of our restaurant.

But Basilico is not only about food. In our restaurant you’ll find the Spritz- Bar with perfect bar menu. The famous traditional aperol and wine are ideal for Osteria’s menu.

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