​What to visit in Tula in 1 day

What to visit in Tula in 1 day

Tula Kremlin

It is one of the main sightseeings of our city. Tula Kremlin dates back to the 16th century. It was built in defensive purposes to protect the road to Moscow from the Crimean Tatars. At the beginning of the 17th century False Dmitry the First hold the reception of the people on the territory of our Kremlin. With the expanding of Russian borders, Tula Kremlin lost its military force. Nowadays it is the monument of history and architecture. The guests of Tula can not only walk around our Kremlin, visit cathedrals and the first city power plant, but also see the expositions of medieval torture and learn more about the weapons of Russian soldiers. The Kremlin is located on Mendeleevskaya Street.

The Uspensky (Dormition)

and Epiphany cathedrals of Tula Kremlin

The Holy Dormition Cathedral stands in the center of Tula Kremlin. The first temple was build in the 16th century. Some time later, it was replaced by the stone one, but was also destroyed. The present cathedral dates back to the 18th century. It was built with the money of local merchants. When emperor Alexander the First died, the hearse with his body stayed there for some time.

Soldiers, who went to fight Napoleon, were blessed in the Assumption Cathedral. The tourists are attracted by the rich history of the cathedral, its unusual design and unique icons. The Epiphany Cathedral is also situated on the territory of Tula Kremlin. Nowadays it does not belong to the church. The Museum of Arms is situated in it. The cathedral was built in the middle of the 19th century to commemorate those, who died in the war of 1812. It was reconstructed in Soviet times.

The City Kremlin Garden

It is an old and beautiful garden in the center of Tula. There was a moat to protect the walls of Tula Kremlin in the past. The garden dates the first part of the 19th century and was visited by Alexander the Second. The garden was divided into two parts - “Upper” and “Lower”. The “Lower” part was the place where the music played and people were dancing. The “Upper” garden used to be a summer theatre with buffet and children entertainment, beautiful summerhouses and benches. And now the park is a favorite place for citizens to relax.

The Demidov Necropolis Museum

There was the time when the Demidov dynasty of entrepreneurs was world famous. Among these people were miners, travelers, writers and industrialists. The Demidovs were very generous. The memorial complex "Necropolis of the Demidovs" was opened in 1996, due to the 340th anniversary of the brilliant Nikita Demidov.

Guests can visit the glorious representatives of the family in the tomb of the Demidovs. You will find out about the places associated with the representatives of the dynasty. The address of the museum is Demidovskaya Street 9. The ticket price for adults is 100 rubles.

Tula State Museum of Arms.

In the 16th century Tula was a defensive border and there was a great need for weapons and

arms. Moscow and Tula gunsmiths shared their secrets with each other. The arms factory was founded by Peter the Great in 1712. He supplied the country with necessary arms and weapons. But the most beautiful pieces of weapons stayed at the factory. At the end of the 18th century Empress Catherine The Second founded here the "Chamber of Rare Weapons".

Later this collection was transported to the Moscow Armory. But at the end of the 19th century it returned back to Tula. In the early Soviet years, the museum was located in the factory. During the Great Patriotic War it was evacuated, but returned back in 1945. In the late 80s, the museum moved to the Epiphany Cathedral. The new museum building was opened in 2012. It contains the collection of weapons from the 16th century till nowadays. So, one of the museum buildings is located in Tula Kremlin, the other is at Octyabrskaya Street 2.


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