Gastroport is

A pier in the sea of taste. A corporate group ‘Tashir’ - the biggest diversified industrial construction group on federal scale, integrating more than 200 companies, launched its new Tula based project - GASTROPORT. More than 10 different projects with common cohesive style have found their place under the same roof on a 1500 square meters. We invite you on an affordable journey, diving not only into the kaleidoscope of colours and flavours, world cuisines and cultures, traditions and customs of different nations, but into the world of fresh and bold gastronomic ideas as well.

Every day is a feast here. Unique, authentic, incomparable. Gastronomic festivals and cook battles, wine parties and unique culinary courses, lecturers and amusement arcades, sports broadcasts and art projects. Everything and more in one place. Gastroport is not just a place where you can try delicious food; it is a beginning for family traditions or close friendship, romantic relations or business networking. It is an ideal duo of culinary enthusiasts and new local concepts.

We do not scream that we are the best. We are doing everything so each of our guests will say it for himself!


Gastroport is a gastronomic place for everyone.

For our young gourmands we always have a lot of cuisines and new offers.

Parents can relax and drink some coffee after dinner while their kids are being taken care of by professional animators in playrooms in the entresol of the foodmall.

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Join the family of the first gastromarket

We are open for cooperation and partnership with everyone who wants to develop and improve. The new gastronomic attraction of the Tula region is the best place to implement current business ideas and best practices.

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